ABX Micros ES 60
Pentra MS CRP
Pentra MS CRP
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  • Impedance technology, photometry
  • Microsampling: Only 10 µL
  • Smart card based memory storage (optional)
  • No compressor (stepper motor technology)


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  • Impedance technology, photometry
  • Microsampling: Only 10 µL
  • Smart card based memory storage (optional)
  • No compressor (stepper motor technology)


• Measurement methods: Impedance technology, photometry.

• Liquid valves (without pinching): Reliability and increased precision

• No compressor (stepper motor): Reliability, less maintenance and noise

• 8 or 18 fully automated parameters

• CBC / 3 Part DIFF

• Open or Closed Tube


1 review for ABX Micros 60

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